Unitech Products (BD) Ltd. was established as an home appliances manufacturing company in 1999. Unitech Products (BD) Ltd. is determined to be a company which makes further progress, not only by raising up the value as an enterprise, but also by contributing humble effort to the support of social welfare. Based on the diversified consumer’s demand, Unitech Products focuses its effort to develop unique merchandises with advanced function and refined design. On the other hand, it also prospects the increase of demand towards safety and useable merchandises aiming at the future demand.

Housed within our 53,000 sq. ft factory located in Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Unitech is fully automated CNC turret punch, bending and shearing Japanese made machinery, welding and a fully automated powder coating line. Together with our in house design capability, we are able to provide a full spectrum of fabricating processes, including shearing, cutting, punching, forming, welding, riverting and finishing to the most precise specification. The factory is fully equipped with automated machineries to ensure finishing to the most precious specification. The factory is also designed to adept different types of customization of product.

The highly skilled and dedicated human resources supervised by expert technicians are the main resources of Unitech Products. The Factory premises offer all safety and security measures and healthy work environment for the commitment of the employees. The factory absolutely abides by all legal and environmental issues. The main philosophy of the employees is NO compromise with the quality of the products. As Unitech products believes in building long term relationship with customers, the topmost priorities are product quality and service.

The Key success factor of Unitech Products is technical expertise. The sound technical know-how results in efficiency in production process and thus brings out quality products with competitive price. At UNITECH, our quick response in identifying our customers’ needs in terms of pricing, function and flexibility allow us to offer our customers the highest satisfaction in product quality and service, from the simplest to the most complex jobs. This underlies our philosophy of constantly striving to meet new and ever-increasing demands expected of our clients.


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